Friday, May 22, 2009

Are All Gitmo Detainees Terrorists?

I remain confused by right wing commenters in general. We know that many, if not most, Gitmo detainees were not terrorists, or at least not anti-American terrorists. Why do so many conservative commenters continue to speak and act as if ALL Gitmo detainees are in fact terrorists, or even simply enemy combatants? It just isn't true – or wasn't true. It might well be the case that after years of abusive incarceration that all Gitmo detainees are in fact, if not in action, anti-American terrorists. It would be very hard to blame them for holding on to their anger and taking it out someplace, sometime.

I don't see the FPR columnists, or Larison, or Schwenkler making such statements (they may have and I just missed them) but everywhere I read, if Gitmo comes up, some commenter repeats the lie that everyone ever there was a terrorist, the worst of the worst.

It just ain't so.


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