Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Pope Signs Up for Ad Revenue

It seems the Vatican radio station has decided to sell ads to generate revenue. I wonder how that will play at FPR, where consumerism is an evil second only to abortion (I made that part up - it just sounds too good to waste!).

I, like many on FPR, believe that credit driven consumerism, fueled by psychologically s(l)ick ads is part of the reason that so many communities aren't really communities at all. Being as FPRrs are mostly Catholic and all, it seems like there should be a perfect storm brewing.

Apparently the Pope himself (or his delegated alternate) will review the ads closely. I wonder just what metrics they will use to decide between good ads and bad ads? somethings are obvious - condoms, for example, probably won't make the good list. But what about, say, dish soap? Or furniture stores?

I wonder if they do research to see who their audience is?

Further, I wonder if we will hear anything else about the Vatican radio station?


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