Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Read Conservatives?

The answer is simple, really. I agree with most of the liberal sites I read. I dislike making "You go!" comments. So if I want to speak about something, I have to disagree with something said, and that disagreement is far easier to find when I read conservative sites.

Not that it is always easy. Daniel on Eunomia, FPR – the people who can actually write often say things with which I completely agree. It's shocking , I tell you, shocking!

What liberals do I like to read? Two come to mind, Hilzoy on Obsidian Wings (and Washington Monthly) and Digby on Hullaballoo. I think I enjoy them so much because they speak mostly to the logic of a situation. In different ways - Digby to the political, Hilzoy to the philosophical and ethical. Not that both don't speak to both – it's more of an approach difference.

What political bloggers do I like to read? Scott Horton at No Comment and Glenn Greenwald on Salon. Scott sticks mostly to a few stories, but his take on the stories is great reading. Glenn tackles hypocrisy like a rabid pit bull. Scott is easy to read, Glenn much less so. Not because the writing is not as good, but because so much of what he addresses is totally enraging. We are governed by venal men and women, and that hard truth as served up by Glenn is hard to stomach on a continuing basis.

What political sites do I like? Talking Points Memo, Think Progress and Firedoglake. Great liberal sites.

Really, if you want something to argue about, read a conservative site. But read a good one.


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