Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Why of Things

FPR (Front Porch Republic, is an interesting place, full of bright, inventive and wordy people convincing each other that, one and all, they are the best thing to come to the internet since sliced bread.

And, in a way, you can't blame them for trying. They are part of an increasingly small minority that believes you must double down on what's not working to win the culture wars. Whatever the subject, abortion, sex, community, Austrians and Distributists, they are part of the cultural fringe of American life. Albeit an educated fringe.

And that is why they, as a group, are interesting. Individually they would be boring and pretentious (not all of them, and none of them all the time), but as a group they are like a petrie dish, an experiment which we can all observe. There is much to be learned from people who can actually write. If nothing else, what lies at the heart of their beliefs is worth understanding.

We are all human. All of us have failed the test of godhood already, so I don't cast stones, I simply think on their words and follow the logic.

Should you be reading here, welcome. Should you not be reading here, you are still welcome. :)


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