Friday, May 22, 2009

Polistra In Oz

Polistra, a regular commenter at FPR and proprietor of has the following post: In it, Polistra make the following observation, "most Americans think it's fine to use any methods necessary to get important information from an actual enemy." I don't actually think this is true. It certainly isn't in line with our legal system or the constitution.

I think that Polistra inveighs against torturing people who don't know anything. I am not sure how we know who knows and who doesn't, but I am encouraged at even that much humanity. He also claims that most of what I might term torture is not quite so uncomfortable as a visit to the dentist. I wonder how he incorporates Mancow's recent change of heart with respect to waterboarding? Apparently Mancow held the same belief as does Polistra, but having tested his resolve, has changed his mind. Maybe we should ask Polistra to test his resolve?

Finally, maybe Polistra should follow the lead of FPR and open his blog to comments. Or maybe the reading on HIS blog the comments of those who disagree with him is just torture? (Not that FPR didn't ask me to not post – but at least they asked, and at least they have comments still turned on).


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